Editorial from Mr Maritz

My introduction to Waldorf Schooling, and in particular Gaia, started in August, last year. What an amazing and rewarding journey so far. The outside world thinks of Waldorf schools as being hippyish and organic, but what an eye-opener for a teacher working in Government schools for the last 28 years, this new experience has been.

Meeting the College of Teachers at my interview was another surprise. Being introduced to calm, warm and positive people full of energy, not like your standard over-stressed and run down teachers in other schools.

But the most astonishing of all was walking in to a Gaia classroom! No interactive white board, no flashing computers, not even a projector in sight, only a well loved blackboard. And the children, standing up, greeting with respect while looking straight in your eyes, definitely enjoying being in Gaia, proud of their school and showing love for their teachers.

The first week was spent observing the other teachers and what a privilege to sit in at the main lessons, to see the interaction between teacher and child. To feel the love, respect, understanding and warmth in that intimate circle. Different teachers with their own way, but with one goal in mind: to love and be there 100% for the children in their classes.

I have learnt a lot and am still learning about teaching, making mistakes along the way, but with such wonderful and helpful teachers, you can only give it your best. Afrikaans is close to my heart. It is the language I dream in, it is the language I use to write a love poem, it is the language I use to give thanks for the abundance of life.

My aim is to share this expressive language with the children, so they too can communicate with ease and enjoy this language. Positive support from parents would greatly encourage their enjoyment of the language.

My other passion is art. I am working hard towards an exhibition sometime during this year. I am also doing yoga and if I am not with a brush in the hand, you will find me hiking around our beautiful Cape Town, digging in the garden, enjoying a game of chess or just contemplating my navel.

I am privileged to be part of Gaia and hope that my union with you is a long and happy one. The wise Rudolph Steiner once said, and I quote: ‘You will not be good teachers if you focus only on what you do and not upon who you are.’

Groetnis tot volgende keer!

Casper Maritz