Playgroup is filled with the most interesting, warm, loving, kind, mischievous, and fun children. Early in the morning we have Leo who with a beautiful smile is always ready to tell me his story. Leo’s stories are described in great detail with excitement, colourfulness and bouts of laughter.
Liam, whose main concern, are the chickens! He asks to feed them and then playfully chases them all around the garden.
Daniel and Roy who are like two little whirl winds, enter the playgroup always ready for play and from time to time also hide in all sorts of places giggling so loud l am sure to find them and we do enjoy their game of hide and seek with lots of laughter.
The gate opens and in comes Lily clutching her little doll who she takes great care of all through the day. Lily can do all her chores, singing and playing and yet never once neglects her baby.
Quietly Yasmeen will come and after mommy leaves will hold my hand for a little while and happily continues with drawing, painting or cooking. Yasmeen always has a bright beautiful smile and talks to me softly surprising me with her humour.
Sofi with a lovely big smile, arrives happy to get to playgroup, after a brief hug and kiss with mommy. Sofi is so happy to start her day with cooking in the kitchen or showing me her beautiful drawings, it is very hard to say no to Sofi with her beautiful big bright eyes and smile, I have no choice but to return a smile, which seems to brighten my day too.
As the morning continues our little gentleman Yaqeen arrives after a brief hug and after settling in Yaqeen starts to strategize for the day. I am continually amazed to see his mind working so diligently in this way.
There is so much to do? How to start? Let’s try this……….and then comes Yara. Yara knows how to work and work hard. She always finds interesting things to create and do, constantly doing her very best with any activity she is involved in.
Chiara a little shy when she arrives quickly blossoms as she starts to play. Chiara can teach all the children all the songs she has learnt at ring time.
With a smile and lots of love Darshan arrives only to run back out making sure Daddy gets his wood chip chocolate for work every day without fail. Darshan ensures that l understand what he wants, which is usually to be outside in the sandpit building his castles, tunnels and dams – our very own engineer in the making.
After giving mommy a big kiss through the window Cylus reminds her to come back after story time to fetch him. Cylus is a joyful happy child and loves to jump off anything he can find and encouraging friends to follow him and to enjoy the games played.
Abi who had recently learned to speak English has found a skillfull way of making us all understand what he wants. Abi loves to laugh and outside play is his favourite thing to do, inviting everyone to the door ready to enjoy playing outside.
Charlie arrives and always has very good ideas and wonderful building skills, which interest the girls and just the other the day they managed to get him to build little stables for all the class animals.
The morning has just begun and the class is almost filled when Zayne and Ayana arrive. Zayne enjoys to play with cars and to build with Charlie whilst Ayana softly goes about looking for the prams and babies. Ayana regularly come to me voicing her concerns in her softest voice, she is incredibly cute.
As the day goes by we hear some interesting comments like “when you are four years old you’re big and can do anything”, “teacher Elfie are you sure it’s not someone’s birthday, we would like to have cake”. The children are always filled with rich and wonderful ideas, they are so young yet can create the most ingenious structures from anything that they find. Creating their own games, while imitating us and bringing big smiles and laughter to all of us in the class. They learn so quickly, they run fall and jump back up, ready to play again. I enjoy learning and teaching and am grateful to their parents for bringing us such wonderful bundles of joy each day.
Teacher Elfie, Playgroup Teacher