The meaning of Ramadaam

To our Muslim Community, We wish you well over the fast.
With the Holy month of Ramadaan almost at an end we thought it prudent to include an editorial on the meaning of Ramadaam. I trust that you will find this informative.
Ramadaan is the ninth month of the Muslim calendar and the month in which the Holy Quran was revealed. A guidance for mankind, and clear proofs of the guidance, and criterion of right and wrong. It is the month of special gifts, mercy and forgiveness.
When the month of Ramadaan made its appearance the Prophet[PBUH] used to say to his followers:”The most noble and honoured of all the months has appeared amongst you, we sincerely extend to it our most heartiest welcome.”
We should thus strive to make a new beginning and open a new document and commit ourselves to fill it with pious deeds and virtuous acts.
We should clean and purify our hearts and souls by turning to the Almighty in repentance, we should make a pledge that all our deeds will be based on the foundation of faith and sincerity, and that we will always try our utmost to please the Almighty at all times, not just during the month of Ramadaan but throughout our life time.
When we are honoured with the month of Ramadaan we should imbue ourselves with steadfastness and firmness, humility and piousness.
Ramadaan is the month in which the Almighty blessed the world with the revelation of the Holy Quran and while reciting the Quran one should reflect over its meaning and commit ourselves to carry out its teachings, its commands and stay away from its prohibitions, accept the Quran to always be our guide and constitution and that we will truly and sincerely at all times apply its laws in all our worldly affairs.
We should remember that the Holy Quran is our light and guidance against darkness and straying from the truth, it is our weapon against our enemies and our eternal protector and within it lies our salvation, thus we should remember that the Almighty blessed us with His infinite and eternal blessings and mercy when he revealed the Holy Quran to us.
As the Holy month draws to a close we continue striving to seek the guidance, love, forgiveness and mercy of the Almighty so that we may love all Gods creations and live in peace and harmony with all humanity, InshaAllah [ God willing.]
Wishing all a blessed
H Noordien
Class 7 Teacher