“Umntu ngumntu, ngabantu”

“Umntu ngumntu, ngabantu”
“A person is a person through other people”

I joined Gaia Waldorf School in August 2009 as a part-time isiXhosa teacher from class 1 to class 7. The first class I taught in that year was class 4 and the class teacher was Melanie Francis-Bradshaw. As a teacher with a WCED training, the Waldorf environment is different. Full of nature, And because of my star sign, which is Libra, I found myself fitting in, because I too love nature. I live nature day in and day out. Whenever I see someone I just see God’s creation. I find that Gaia children are very active and eager to learn. One of the things I like in the curriculum is that you have to build on your lessons, and on your inner voice. In each term there must be a verse and a story. And guess what? The children enjoy this work in groups and individually too! They all want eagerly to take part! Amazing children.

I find that Gaia staff are like a circle. A starting point but with no end. Holding and caring for those within. Warm and supportive.

Makube Njalo aka Teacher Lakasi – let it be so.

A person is a person through other people.Nomamela Sijila