Gaia aims to provide an affordable Waldorf Curriculum to a broad spectrum of children that reflects the unique and diverse aspects of our South African culture.

 Method of Payment

Fees can be paid by cheque, stop order or deposited directly into the Schools bank account.

Fee Structure 2018 x 11 Months

Class Fees Per Month Per Annum
Play Group R2 634 + R150 F/L R28 975
Kindergarten R2 634 + R150 F/L R28 975
Class 1 & 2 R3 044 R33 484
Class 3,4,5,6 & 7 R3 343 R36 769

*Please note R150 is the Food Levy for Playgroup and Kindergarten

Aftercare Rates 2018

Start End Fees
Full day 12:30 17:30 R1 300
First Half 12:30 15:00 R842
Second Half 15:00 17:30 R842
Casual – Hourly R30
* Siblings R460

*Only applicable to pre-primary pupils with siblings in Classes 3 – 7


Advance Payment Discounts

3% Discount on annual payments, provided payment is received during the month of January.

Sibling Discount

10% for first sibling (second child)
5% for the second sibling (third child).

Other Fees

Drumming lessons
Poi lessons
Camp fees (from class 3 to 7)

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Fee Structure 2018