Gaia Educational Ethics


To remain mindful of our focus on the development of the whole human being (mind, body and soul) and provide balanced educational opportunities for all involved, with a view to promoting self-worth and empowerment.
To emphasise the value of learning through creativity and continue to recognise the healing qualities inherent in such processes for both adult and child.
To maintain diversity and inclusion throughout the school in respect of the Gaia community, as well as our local and global links.
To encourage co-operation as a guiding ethos within the school and the broader community.
To run the school on sound business principles, keeping it simple, manageable and effective, thereby ensuring continued growth, sustainability and success.
To ensure that teachers have the resources and support that they need.
To provide ongoing growth and learning opportunities for all our teachers and staff by implementing appropriate Staff Development Plans.
To develop the physical and organisational structures of the school so as to create a comfortable and effective learning environment.
To foster responsible and caring relationships between staff, parents, pupils and the wider community.