On that fateful day when our journey began
I looked into eyes of wonder.
Souls and hearts and minds emerged
To share a dance like no other.

Our house we built with love and care,
With sweat and tears at times.
Foundations forged with will and strength
Stood strong against the tides.

Many we welcomed through the years,
Both visitors and friends.
An imprint each made on our lives
Our youth they will transcend

Deep in the earth we placed our hands
And felt her heart call out,
To tend to her, to nourish her,
To wash away the doubt.

Upon the Earth we explored our home,
Ourselves, our school, our class.
We looked around and observed the world
And frolicked in the grass.

The saints they gave us courage
Showed us the beauty inside.
Now with enlightened guidance
We step forth with pride.

The animals they called to us
The plants and insects too.
In each of them we found a clue
To wonders bright and new.

The ancients taught us lessons
Discoveries used to this day.
The Age of Exploration
Began with few delays.

A need to seek the truth
To ask and question why,
Grew steadily within each soul
We would no longer stand by.

The fight against injustice
Began with forthrightness
We banded together with fervour
Our opinion to express

Far Away in a distant star
Our paths of light were chosen.
To lead and guide to stand beside
To all we are beholden.

The future before us is bright
Luminescent with possibility.
We step forth with excitement
To show our true ability.