Editorial from kindergarten

This has been a long and a fruitful term. My children have settled very well. Our daily routine is now established and our class rules are familiar to them. It is pleasing for me to see how they have grown in one term. They have learnt how to share, care for for each other, and they have made new friends. How satisfying it is as a teacher watching them play healthy games and seeing how they have grown socially, sharing ideas and solving problems on their own. It is such a gift to see them drawing from the images and themes we have explored in our class; it has made me realize the power of imitation. We should be very aware of the things that we do in front of them as adults. Whatever is presented to them, they believe to be true.

In our ringtime we have moved from the sea/beach theme, towards welcoming Autumn time. The autumn leaves are falling down, yes falling down. The morning are slowly beginning to grow dark and cold. It is time for the ants to collect some food, it is time for the farmer to harvest the apples, the squirrels are running around the field collecting acorns and nuts. It is time for the people to take care of mother earth. In our ring-time, the farmer wakes in the morning to prepare to do his work in the garden; when he looks outside he thinks to himself that it is still too dark, he can get a little nap still. The roosters cried cock-a-doodle doo and the farmer realized that its now Autumn time. The farmer’s story is interwoven every morning with songs, verses and movements, relating to harvesting, wood collecting, animal care and much more, including counting the apples!

In preparation for our Harvest festival we have started our first sewing craft, which is apples. My children have really enjoyed making them. If you hear them singing these songs just join in and have fun. Have a wonderful Autumn time. Teacher Zoliswa