If someone asked you: how many parts does the human body have? What would you say?

We have 7 openings in the head, we have 12 vertebrae in the chest region, we have 3 different bone systems in our limbs. One strong large one in the thigh and upper arm, two bones in the lower arm and leg, and many small bones in the wrist and hands and feet and toes. We are a five pointed star, when we stand up straight in an open gesture. But how many parts do we really have?

Well, there are the legs and our metabolic system: that is where our strength lies, where our warmth is produced, where the substances of the world can be changed into our own substance and where we can move ourselves and do things in the world.

Then we have our rhythmical system, the most important part for our primary school children. Everything we do with the children now, will determine the health and harmony of their hearts, their circulation and breathing for the rest of their lives.

If life consists of too many shocks and sense impressions, fear and passive intake, there is too much ‘inbreathing’ for the soul – and our children will have difficulties finding their own creativity and strength. If on the other hand life has no boundaries and the children run wild, there is too much ‘out breathing’ and they might have a hard time developing their thinking ability, an inner awareness and overview of their own life and what is around them.

And then comes the crown of our being: our head. There we can be still. There we develop consciousness: we can think, we can plan, we can pray, we can listen and take in the world. Our highest senses of thought, of language, of the perception of the ‘I’ of the people around us, can be developed here. A lot of care and mindfulness is required to bring about the functioning of these senses. They are important, because out of those senses the core of every human being is being born: our conscience…

I am very grateful to work at Gaia Waldorf School as a Eurythmy Therapist. The values we wish the children to develop are very beautifully striven for – and I thank the College of Teachers for the openness and support they have always shown me.

Christiane Wigand
Eurythmy Therapist at Gaia