The Saint John’s Festival

As children live in wonder of the world and experience joy in the explorations and discoveries each new day, they rekindle in us as parents and teachers a new reverence for life.
Meaningful festivals help root our children in the continuity of time and also lift us as adults out of our everyday difficulties and struggles. The children are nourished by the festivals and associated activities such as crafts, songs and games, verses, etc. Festivals are about joining back to spirit, observing nature and to perceive the meaning behind the festival, we must consciously apply our will.
Our yearly journey through the seasons is one which gives form to the child’s natural reverence for nature and their instinct for celebration. Festivals encourage a sense of community.
The stories, songs and activities we have worked with in our class this term, reflect the inner light and warmth within the dark. The soul picture brought to us is that of a little flame, housed in the body (lantern symbolism) which is taken on a journey through darkness, finally leading to the source of the flame. Fire’s most noble quality in its ability to transform substances, in the same way that applied consciousness transforms the soul.
St John’s message and words had an inner fire of spiritual connection that kindles enthusiasm in people to break through barriers and change their own inner life.
Themes from farmers in the fields, to harvest, mother earth calling the sleepy seeds to bed, little gnomes with lanterns going to the festival of light.