The Winter Festival

The Winter Festival at Gaia is traditionally prepared through the making of lanterns. These are lit for the celebration of the festival. At times there has also been a fire around which the children and parents gather, singing festival songs. These songs speak of light, of fire, of flames; they are calling to mind how fire and flames can be images of those qualities within us which carry us through life, which help us to find answers to difficult questions, which sustain us, when seemingly insurmountable situations are before us, which connect us with our fellow human beings: enthusiasm, the will to change and grow, and love are those qualities. When we are meeting the world with its many questions with enthusiasm, with the will to change, to adjust, to grow and with love, we are filled with warmth and energy.

This year’s primary school will be celebrated with the lighting of the lanterns which are going to surround all children and parents while each class will show the work they have accomplished in the Eurythmy lessons since the beginning of the year. These contributions are woven into a story and alternate with the festival songs. Although many parents and children won’t be able to join in the celebration this year, we will all be connected through the enthusiasm and love we share for our children and their individual unfolding and growing.

To all Muslim families: warm greetings go out for a peaceful month of Ramadan. To the whole Gaia community: warm greetings go out for a joyful, restful and energising holiday.