What is a child

Lying on the beautiful green, grassy banks of the Breede River with only the sweet sounds of nature around, I hear in the distance a sound coming closer – a beautiful happy sound, a sound even more lovely than nature – the sound of my class 7 children. They are running toward the rafts just on the edge of the river preparing to go downstream.
Observing the children, I asked myself “What is a child?” and the above verse came to me. I also realise at that instant that it would be my last camp with the children before they embark on their new journey and I become quite emotional. For some time now I have been reflecting on my life and the challenges with which I’ve been faced, but most of all, I’ve been thinking about my journey at Gaia. What a blessing! I am eternally grateful for having been afforded this opportunity, which has showered me with so many extraordinary gifts. I have worked with colleagues who are “pure soul”, who care and look out for each other and, with their unconditional support, I have been able to make it through my most challenging times – a very rare gift. I regard the Gaia school community as the most magical, most beautiful rainbow family, who have taught me invaluable lessons and given me so much, which I will treasure always. I want to thank my parents for their love and unmitigated support throughout our amazing journey together: I could not have achieved all that I have without them. They have given true meaning to the word “teamwork”. I have also been part of an education which has as its core purpose not only the growth of happy, healthy and whole children, but parents and teachers as well. The ultimate gift, however, has been the honour that each child in my class has afforded me: the privilege of sharing in each child’s journey, of walking next to each unique soul and being forever changed.Each one has left an indelible mark and to each I want to say: thank you with all my heart for who you are and for everything you have given me. You will always be in my thoughts as you travel to the next crossroad. It is a source of great joy (and relief) that all my children have found a place at a high school next year and moreover, that ten of them will be continuing their journey at a Waldorf high school. May your light continue to shine and may you be secure in the knowledge that you take a little piece of me and everyone at Gaia with you on your way into a future filled with possibility!

With much love
Hazhor Noordien
Class 7 Teacher