Class Seven Children Reflect on their Journey at Gaia

“I learnt a lot that I wouldn’t learn in a public school. Mr Stodel has taught me a lot and he is the best teacher in the school.” Ruby Fisher
“I have been here for 9 years. I have had wonderful experiences with the teachers and staff. The three teachers I loved the most were teacher Zoliswa, teacher Mamoeti and Mr Stodel. A special thanks to sis Julia, sis Anna and Neo.” Lua Bopape.
“I think Gaia’s children are very open-minded. Gaia should teach children to be street-wize. Peace-out from a wize-worded guy.” Noah Collier
“My experience has been loving but dramatic. My teacher has shown me how to love , be kind and share. I will never forget Mr Stodel and he will always be in my heart.” Hahobejwalo Thipa
“When I first arrived here I was so nervous. When I saw the children smiling, laughing, playing and having fun then I knew I would be happy here. I let go of my mom’s hand and since then I have been happy coming to this school.” Uviwe Madingozi
“I’m happy it’s not as strict here as a state school. The rules can be stupid sometimes. I like most of the teachers.” Ahmad Hendricks
“Gaia has been a life’s experience with both good and bad aspects. Most affable were the camps.” Rowan Winter
“These have been long and loving years and I will miss Gaia. We gonna leave and make new friends but it won’t be the same.” Lonwabo Tolbadi
“I loved kindergarden , my teacher, the food and friends. I love my teacher because he is the best, kind and loving teacher in the whole world. I love my whole class and we have become so close over the years.” Jauhara Nabee-Bukkus
“Gaia has been like a new home to me and I will never forget how the teachers and children treated me. They always used kind words and taught me in a way everyone can understand. It has changed my life for the good.” Rania Gamieldien.
“It has been a great journey and I will miss the school. I like that we don’t get exams and that the teachers are kind and loving.” Akhona Mfeketho
“The smiles and hugs and friends and my teacher made Gaia like a new home to me. The kids touched my heart. Gaia is like a world to me.” Simphiwe Peter
“For good or for worse, it’s been a whacky road with fun friends. The best teacher you can possibly get.” Nicholos Solomon
“Gaia was fun. Especially when we got a ping-pong table. Going on camps and bonding with my classmates was great fun.” Oliver Pascoe
“Before Gaia I was quiet, grumpy and only spoke to my parents. Teacher Zoliswa and Mamoeti helped me come out of my shell and from there I made many friends whom I shall dearly miss.” Philade Luthango
“My amazing teacher helped me understand what we were doing and that was fun. The children in this school help each other, we are like a big family. My favourite fair is the Spring Fair where people dress up weirdly and don’t care and there is amazing but expensive food.” Suchitra Roberts
“It’s been tough but my friends have guided me. It’s been a challenge and a blessing and the teaching has been unbelievable in helping me understand things. Mr Stodel is an amazing helper. It’s sad my dad didn’t see me finish my Gaia journey.” Saskia Tucker
“I was able to conquer my challenges. Gaia has taught me to be who I am. To love, to share and to forgive. Even unfair or rude teachers and children. My teacher inspired me in many things. Gaia will always be in my heart.” Ongezwa Mbontsi
“What is so unique is how we learnt that everyone can be accepted despite how different we all are. I will never forget my lovely experience at Gaia.” Thaakir du Toit.
“This journey has kept me in tune with the meaning of life and taught me that I have many more lessons in patience, love, understanding and the art of working in a small community of colleagues still to learn! Thank you to each and every child in my class for showing me who I am and could still be.”

Matthew Stodel