I feel as if I have been at Gaia for many years

I feel as if I have been at Gaia for many years when in fact it has only been 5 months. When I first joined the school I was warmly received by strangers who quickly became colleagues and friends. The children too, left me feeling blessed as they warmly welcomed me into their class, showing me love and affection and making each and every day special.
Although I have been working with children for many years, joining the Gaia Kindergarten class was very uplifting. I felt inspired and blessed to be around children and colleagues who share so much love.
The friendly greetings that I received from all the learners at the school, even when they did not know who I was at the time, was something that touched me deeply. I remember an occasion when I was setting up in the morning and two girls came into the classroom, greeted me, told me their names and then proceeded to go into their free play. I was welcomed and accepted and it felt wonderful.
Another thing that stood out for me was how easily the children settled into the daily rhythm. Without any delay the children start the morning off with tasks that have been laid out for them without any prompting from the class teacher or me.
At present they are enjoying cooking in the class and I can see how well they respond to rhythm and routine. They take an interest in everything and can tell you exactly what is being cooked on the day.
It is really so lovely to see their enthusiasm as we take our class for a walk every Friday. They are very aware of their surroundings and the rules that we put in place to ensure their safety. I look forward to the walks too.
I am so happy to be a part of this warm and caring community.

Kindergarten assistant