Playgroup & Kindergarten – Learning Through Play

The pre-school child learns largely through imitation, from the teacher and her actions as well as through the environment. It is therefore important for the teacher to speak and act with consciousness and the surrounding environment be filled with beauty and richness. The classroom is a special place where an element of awe and wonder is experienced.

Toys are made with natural materials, enriching the child’s developing sense of touch. Balancing, hopping, skipping, etc. are all important parts of developing the senses and co-ordination. Activities are carefully chosen and the children paint, draw and model with beeswax or plasticine. Hands are also kept busy with special handwork and crafts. Singing and music are also important aspects of the playgroup and kindergarten. Each day unfolds a particular routine and rhythm. This allows the child to feel safe and secure in the environment, as well as encourages a healthy sense of stability within their own being.

Play, rather than formal or academic schooling is part of these classes, allowing for the development of strong bodies as well as encouraging the imagination and creativity. Social interaction and co-operation is also learnt through play.

A deep reverence for nature is at the heart of the playgroup and kindergarten, which is brought through seasonal nature stories, songs and activities, which culminate in the end of term festival (kindergarten only). This is a special celebration incorporating seasonal songs and stories. It is a joyous occasion held with a deep sense of reverence.