The Class 6 Greek Olympics

Friday, 22 February 2019, 1200 – children dressed in white chitons, each with a shafta in the right hand, gather on a field – the son is hot, the wind blows and the children are filled with eager anticipation for what the next 30 hours might bring …
About 190 class 6 children from 8 Waldorf schools came together at Sellenbosch Waldorf School to strive with all their skills to complete and to compete in the Greek Olympic Games. Different disciplines – throwing the javelin and discus, doing shotput and long jump, sprinting and wrestling – were practised during the first afternoon, then done again the next day for the achievements to be measured.

Games like Water balloon toss, Spider and Rock-paper-scissors were played. Poetry, songs and short playlets were shared in the evening. The Olympic flame was lit and tended throughout the night by groups of children. Teams needed to stick together, but everyone could mingle during mealtimes; new friends were made.
By the end of these very active 30 hours, everyone was utterly exhausted, but exhilarated and proud of having gone through this marathon event. Parents came to be part of the closing ceremony where each child received a medal for participating in the Olympic Games; they then took the tired children home to sleep, sleep, sleep …
Our Gaia children participated with great dedication, paying attention not only to running fast, jumping or throwing far or winning the wrestling matches, but to do it with grace and beauty, supporting others in their striving, applauding the winners and encouraging everyone around them.
It was a privilege to observe them, how well they carried themselves, how cheerfully and positively they took part in every event, how polite and well mannered they were towards everyone.
The Class 6 passed this milestone on their journey through primary school with flying colours! Thank you, dear parents, for giving your dedicated support to their journey!

Gabriele Feiter
Class 6 Teacher