The Life of a Tree

Looking back and reflecting upon my time at Gaia, an image of “The Life of a Tree”, comes to mind.
Just like the seed of a tree being blown from one place to another before it finds its resting place, so too did I teach at many different schools before I found Gaia and the Waldorf way. It was only after a few years that my roots started growing deeper and stronger into the earth that my love and passion grew firmer, and my hunger for what I’ve always been searching for, appeased. As the tree shades those seeking shelter from the elements of nature, I can only pray that I provided the same for the children, nurturing, caring, guiding and loving them. I cannot begin to mention the rewards, watching these little buds thriving and opening up into beautiful blossoms and having been a part of their journey.
A tree needs many essential ingredients such as the right amount of sun, rain, fertilizer, protection from pests and pruners for it to bear healthy fruit. I have been truly blessed by working with colleagues and board members who are passionate, dedicated, self- driven and ultimately true and sincere friends. Each so different and so needed for the healthy growth of the “tree”. Like the tree withstands the mightiest of storms, so I have witnessed Gaia grow from strength to strength as a result of colleagues giving tirelessly and selflessly of themselves, challenge after challenge.
The tree, now being fully grown and bearing more and more fruits each year, is attracting diverse communities from far and wide. The Gaia community has been an integral part in the growth of the school and for that Gaia remains truly grateful.
As I prepare to say goodbye to Gaia, I would like to take this opportunity to thank my colleagues, the Board of Trustees, entire staff, parents, community and most importantly the children of Gaia Waldorf school, abundantly, as I am the one who received the most. THANK YOU. I will carry you in my heart wherever I go.
May you be showered with blessings now and always
Much love and heartfelt gratitude